Saturday, September 22


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I was thinking on "dedicating" a post on my breakup with the boy I dated for over 6,5 years but in the end there's no need to sit around having an emotional pity party. As much as I wanted to get back what we had. Everything so broke my heart that I stopped wanting to try. If you find yourself ever looking for a reason to stay with a person. That itself is enough reason to leave that person.

It's time to embrace this new time in my life. To new beginnings!

My list of things to do while I'm single:
1. study abroad
2. get my life into order so I can be the best, happiest person I can be
3. push myself out of my comfort zone
4. learn to cook well
5. travel to an unknown city and be a tourist by myself
6. be happy
7. dance
8. spend lots of time with my girlfriends
9. read as many men bashing books as I want
10. redecorate my apartment without conference; my place, my style.

And eventually when I'm ready...
11. find that "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love".

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