Monday, March 26

Let's talk stripes!

They're popping everywhere, soon you will realize there is no escaping them... Stripes are so big again this season! Well, actually stripes earned this amazing place in fashions that it never goes out of style. And it makes me very merry happy. 
From dresses, skirts, shirts to shoes and handbags everything made a striped splash on this season's runway. Besides the nautical classic look with big and bold stripes in patriotic red, white and blue, you can also expect plenty of stripes used in the most unexpected colors and patterns. 

Mixing striped patterns can be very tricky. Too much of a good thing can really ruin an outfit, luckely atlantic pacific shows us how to combine stripes and even combine it with the  color block trend.
the classic striped look never gets boring or choose for a very bold striped item to spice things up. 
Striped tops are for me the perfect pieces for creating a look à la Parisienne. (1 - 2)
Summer fashion is all about simplicity. My to go outfit this summer will probably become shorts with a thin striped shirt or blouse. (1 - 2)
J.crew styled some great outfits together with stripes in the leading role. 

So, what do you think of this trend? Love it, hate it, whatever tell me! 
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  1. loving stripes!
    kisses from prague

  2. love it ! zijn echt allemaal leuke looks
    new outfit post

  3. I've always loved stripes, they are marvelous! xx

  4. such cool looks!!

    New outfit post - flower bomb

  5. ik ben ook zo'n streepjes fan, leuke inspiratie. Vooral het mixen van patronen of met andere stoffen vind ik echt super :)

  6. I am always drawn to stripes in fact the oter i looked at my closest and noticed far too many striped tops I am trying to avoid them this season but I am always drawn to them. I am switching to polkadots this season :)

  7. love your pics selection!

    one more shoes


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